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GrupoNove: Avant-garde cuisine made in Galicia

Back in 2003, a group of nine chefs – however, friends – we created Asociación Nove Grupo Gastronómico (Nove Association and Gastronomic Group) in order to vindicate the modernity and relevance of the new Galician cuisinewithout giving up on the origins of the avant-garde gastronomy ‘made in Galicia,’ which combines the best of tradition and innovation.

At Nove Group we are not so young anymore but we are more (no fewer than 24 chefs and 19 restaurants) and better (including 8 Michelin stars, several Spanish champion chefs, as well as being recognised within and out of the country). Wehave more experience and the same eagerness and enthusiasm as when we started.We give our all every day in reinventing the Galician cuisine – always honestly relying on our daily work. We invest in a contemporary and avant-garde cuisine, remaining attentive to the new technologies available to process the ‘food pantry’provided by the Galician land and sea.

We invite you to try our ingredient-oriented cookingand be surprised by its taste, colour, aroma and texture, in order to share our passion for cooking and to live the “Nove experiences.”


  • To promote the philosophy of the Nove Group and its avant-garde cuisine: ingredient-oriented, season, creative, larder, simple and emotional cuisine.
  • To promote the Galician gastronomic culture and its new cuisine among all people within and out of Galicia.
  • To promote the Galician gastronomy, which is one of the key pillars of any country’s culture.
  • To contribute to place its cuisine as one of the Galicia’s most appealing attractions.
  • To attract more and more people, in any season, to our restaurants by seducing them with our quality gastronomic creations.
  • To develop initiatives of festive, training and recreational nature to reinforce the Galicia brand and Galician gastronomy.



  • Manuel Costiña “Restaurante O Retiro da Costiña” (Sta. Comba)
  • Miguel Ángel Campos “Restaurante A Gabeira” (Ferrol)
  • Xoán Crujeiras “Restaurante Bido” (A Coruña)
  • Roberto Filgueira "O Balado Marta e Roberto" (Boqueixón)
  • Lucía Freitas "Restaurante A Tafona" (Santiago de Compostela)
  • Javier Rodríguez “Taky”
  • Eduardo Pardo
  • Iván Domínguez
  • Beatriz Sotelo 



  • Álvaro Villasante “Restaurante Paprica” (Lugo)
  • Héctor López “Restaurante España” (Lugo)



  • Javier González “Restaurante A Rexidora” (Barbadás)
  • Daniel Guzmán & Julio Sotomayor "Nova Restaurante" (Ourense)



  • Alberto G. Prelcic “Restaurante Silabario” (Vigo)
  • Antonio Botana “Restaurante Pandemonium” (Cambados)
  • Javier Olleros “Restaurante Culler de Pau” (O Grove)
  • Pepe Solla “Restaurante Casa Solla (Poio)
  • Rafael Centeno & Inés Abril "Restaurante Maruja Limón" (Vigo) 
  • Iñaki Bretal “Restaurante Eirado da Leña” (Pontevedra)
  • Xosé T. Cannas “Restaurante Pepe Vieira” (Poio)
  • Yayo Daporta “Restaurante Yayo Daporta” (Cambados)
  • Pablo Romero "Viñoteca Bagos" (Pontevedra)