Pepe Vieira

The Chef

Evolutionary, committed and daring. These adjectives characterise Xosé Torres Cannas’s cuisine, head of the Pepe Vieira "Camiño da Serpe" Restaurant, which has just been awarded its first star by the prestigious Michelin guide. His brother Xoán Torres Cannas, sommelier and Nariz de Oro (Nose of Gold) 2004, who has chosen the wines to complement the dishes, and himself together have raised a spectacular avant-guard building to house their restaurant on the family farm in the Raxó (Pontevedra) region. Technician and tireless researcher, Xosé T. Cannas, founding partner of Grupo Nove, is a staunch advocate of Galician produce and gastronomy, breaking free from local customs: tradition is likened to a well from which an open, worldly cuisine can be elaborated, but one with identity.

With a great wealth of experience gathered throughout different kitchens in Canada, Scotland and France, “Xosé is very aware that the magic of cooking, which does not use tricks or juggling acts, lies in the quality of the produce, which he indulges and understands in all its ramifications,” as Spain Gourmetour magazine describes him in their latest edition, in which they dedicated no less than 12 pages to him … We would like to thank their photography and editorial team for taking such good care of us …

Xosé T. Cannas