"I belong to the fourth generation who have been running a restaurant since 1923. I was seven years old when I burnt myself preparing a tomato sauce with my grandmother Pepucha. This escapade lead to me spending three days in bed but I already knew I wanted to be a chef and my love affair with stoves had merely begun. It is the heart and soul of my family. Fine cuisine and great chefs meant home celebrations were impressive. It runs in our blood, which we inherited from my great-grandmother Jesusa, someone who was really ahead of her time. She set the standard with her elegance and perfectionism. She loved and took good care of the garden and the kitchen. I remember how it would take her an hour to chose potatoes to make a good tortilla. This was the foundation of her kitchen, along with the barnacles.

In 1995, I took control of A Gabeira and I gave myself a period of five years, using my studies and skills, to turn it into a restaurant of note in the Ferrol district. I am not after the critics’ approval, although I am always grateful when my work is recognised. I cook for my city. Although I follow the new trends, I apply them with certain measure, modesty, respecting the product and especially the client. I could produce more adventurous dishes, but I prefer to tread safe and solid ground, because the restaurant is also a business, which must sustain the families who work there. A Gabeira is my whim and my dream, but my philosophy is realistic.”

Miguel A. Campos